Triumph TR7's and 8's and the odd 6 thrown in for good measure.

This is how the wheels fitted to pre March 1977 Speke built TR7s should look. The US spec versions also had chrome trim rings. The wheels were basically the same as those fitted to various Triumph saloons and the Morris Marina. The black centre caps were from the Triumph Dolomite saloon. After March 1977 the same wheels had full silver coloured wheel trims.

 These are Cobra Supaslot polished alloy wheels. The centres are aluminium and much smaller than the ones fitted to the similar Wolfrace wheels. They were popular in the late 70s as an after market upgrade before the factory alloys became available as an option. Even when the factory alloys were available the Cobra wheels were popular because they were much cheaper.

 This wheel was made in the US by Appliance industries from about 1975 when the TR7 was introduced in America. It was very popular in the US and was an alternative to the Wolfrace and Cobra slotted alloys offered in the UK. The centre is the same size as the Wolfrace but the valve is fitted into one of the slots instead of on the rim.

This is a Wolfrace wheel from 1977, date stamped like most GKN products, it has the company name and wheel size cast into the rim. This was the most popular aftermarket alloy offered in the UK.

This is the GKN Silverstone cast alloy wheel, it was quite popular on some cars but very rare on the TR7. It is also dated 1977 and has the same size centres as the Wolfrace wheels.  For a while it was thought that the Silverstone wheel was a prototype for a new standard alloy for the TR7.

 This is a Superlite wheel, basically styled like the original Minilite but cast in alloy instead of magnesium, this particular wheel has a  polished rim with a graphite centre.

 This is a new Minilite wheel made from aluminium, it is based on the companies original magnesium alloy widely used on classic competition cars.

This is a wheel from my ex works rally car, made in the 1970s by Minilite.

This is a really stylish after market offered by K.N Engineering Services in the 1980s. These wheels belong to Scottish member Stevie Allen from Glasgow. They were originally white when fitted to Stevies white TR7, they are now refurbished and painted graphite with a polished rim.

 This is the factory fitted alloywheel, RKC2111, made by GKN from 1976 until 1981. Each one is date stamped and the 1976 ones are the rarest , only 50 sets of 5 being made in that year. The only real variation is RKC2111S  the bright silver wheel made for the US only Spider  limited edition. The 1977 ACN TR8s and the genuine TR7 sprints had wheels painted in a greyish silver rather than the usual pewter, they also have 77 cast into the rim to show when they were made. The original equipment centres are chrome plated, after market ones are aluminium and are a loose fit in the wheel centre.

Wolf Race Turbo VEC

ATS 5 Spoke Star Alloys

If anyone knows of any others please let me know.