Triumph TR7's and 8's and the odd 6 thrown in for good measure.

This is our TR7 Premium limited edition, it was built early in 1980 and features the tan check interior used on later cars. These were the only factory built UK spec cars painted in black and 400 were built. It has the gold stripes and badges. Some cars had silver decals and blue check interiors, these are much rarer than the gold stripes as only about 20 were made. My car does not have the rear fog lights which were part of the Premium upgrade however I do have these parts and will fit them shortly. Although the car is not original it is a nice clean example which has had a recent body overhaul, it still has the H4 headlamps and front spoiler that were a feature of the Premium. The car cost 6,100 new in 1979/80.

Above is our latest Premium HEK 330V, it was built in December 1979 at Canley and registered in January 1980. It has only had one previous owner who never carried passengers or  anything in the boot. The passenger seat and boot mat are like new. I have all the MOTs which are in order and show how little the mileage increased between each test, the total mileage is now 28,000. It is in original condition with its correct radio/cassette, rear fog lights, front spoiler and Lucas H4 headlights. The optional front foglights arent fitted to the car yet as I am finding it difficult to acquire the correct brackets, any one out there with a pair to sell, contact me on  chris_turner53@hotmail .com. The rear parcel shelf has the usual sun damage, caused by the material shrinking, I have been given a NOS replacement but am worried this will also lift.

New stripes

An extract from the sales leaflet

The limited edition TR7 Premium is waiting for you at your nearest Triumph dealer with all these special features

AM/FM radio with stereo cassette player

Alloy wheels

Custom black paintwork

Distinctive gold or silver side stripes

Twin rear fog lights.

There only 400 of these limited edition cars available so hurry!!