Triumph TR7's and 8's and the odd 6 thrown in for good measure.

Our History

In February 1995 we bought our 1980 Pageant blue TR7 FHC , I must admit it was not our first choice of classic car but it was in such good condition, we decided to buy it. We have had more pleasure from this car than any other, and if we could only keep one then this would be it. In early 1998 we decided to buy a TR7 or TR8 convertible, on a trip to S+S Preparations for spare parts, we saw a 1981 DHC in Argent silver needing restoration and decided to buy it. The restoration took longer than we anticipated so we decided to look for one already restored so we could enjoy open top motoring during the summer. After looking at various TR8s, most of which were conversions we saw an advert in Classic Car Weekly for a 1980 TR8 RHD(converted US car) finished in midas gold, we went to see it that same day and decided to buy it. I had hoped to buy OOV 315X from Rimmers but they didnít seem to want to sell so ATR 80V was an ideal car to buy as it had just undergone a total nut and bolt restoration where every part was new or reconditioned. I bought the car from Glenn Jones of Stalybridge  ,near Manchester who was to become our good friend and chief advisor, he has an extensive knowledge of all Triumphs and attends most Triumph shows with us. We have used this car in a few club concours events, its main success being Overall best TR at Malvern in 2001, an award we are proud of.  Eight years after its rebuild it won best TR8 at the TR Drivers club national weekend at Billing in 2004.

In October 1999 I received a phone call from Mike Collins offering me his  genuine TR7 sprint (the ex Tony Pond pace note car), it was registered in 1977 as SJW 530S, As we had nearly finished our TR7 DHC rebuild we decided to buy the sprint and hopefully no one would tempt us with any more cars. This was not to be, we decided that if DWR 568W became available we would buy it, this was one of the cars we would have liked when we were looking for a TR8,  we had just missed  it once, so when it was offered we had no hesitation in buying it. This is a truly outstanding car, we took it to Malvern in 2004 to show what an original TR8 looked like,   apart from the LHD to RHD conversion (expertly carried out by S+S Preparations), very little has been changed. The car had now done 6,400 miles and was sold in 2007 to its original UK owner Ray Roberts. The car  featured in Triumph World no 15 and the book Triumph TRs by Andrew Taylor, and in 2004 won a silver medal at the  TR Register International weekend.

The next car we bought and still not sold any, was KHP 573V, a factory experimental car X921 a carnelian red DHC, the only automatic, UK spec TR8 built by the factory, I had been offered the car and decided to buy it and use it as everyday transport, it was great, power steering 167 BHP and a superb automatic transmission. After the summer I decided to put my FHC on the road for the winter, hoping to start getting it ready for Roberts 17th birthday in March 2005.I decided to replace the TR7 FHC with another one for myself so KHP 573V had to go. Fortunately Glenn was looking for an automatic TR8 so he bought it. This started a bit of a clearout as we then sold our Argent silverTR7 DHC, ULW 606X, the car featured on Top Gear with our pageant blue FHC. We had also bought a one owner  US spec LHD 1975 TR7 which had been brought back to England from the US by its one and only owner, they had a new engine fitted and then sold it to us.We did not keep it long as we needed space for our next buy.

For a long time I had admired Paul Towles TR8 FHC FTV66V another famous car this had been buil;t up from a new shell and a complete set of TR8 parts, it is by far the best V8 powered car I have ever driven, the only variation from standard spec are the AP Racing 4 pot calipers and ventilated disc brakes, which were fitted by Paul when the car was new. The car is a 1979 Carnelian red model with only one wing mirror (passenger mirror now fitted) and no rear foglights. We bought the car in 2003 and took it to Gaydon for the Triumph marque day. Still fitted with its original battery box and 79 dated alloy wheels, now has 18,430 miles on the clock. We still own this car which is taxed and tested ready for the TR8 day at Billing Aquadrome at the beginning of July 2013.

In 2004 we bought XFP 530Y a 1981 FHC finished in Bordeaux red metallic , originally sold by Roger Clarke Garages, the year after Roger had driven a Sparkrite sponsored  TR7V8 rally car for the factory, it has now done over 12,000 miles and is still as new. I have been given a new tax disc holder and keyring by Stan Clark, Rogers brother who was a works Ford driver in the 70s. I have also been given Rogers Sparkrite driving jacket from the 1980 season. This cars link to Roger Clark has inspired our re creation of one of Rogers Sparkrite liveried cars from 1980.

In 2005, I saw OEV 7P (ACG97) advertised on ebay, the car was in France, after winning the auction I went with Robert by ferry to Caen to collect the car, it was in super condition and had an overdrive gearbox fitted. The car drove home without any problems. Its now been repainted in its original Pimento red and is back on its original steel wheels.It featured on the cover of "Triumph TR7The untold story" by David Knowles.  We bought our second black Premium limited edition car in January 2007, it was shown at the Triumph day at Stoneleigh. This car was bought to replace our original Premium (which has now been sold) and it is featured on page 109 of the David Knowles book. HEK 330V has had one owner and with only 28,000 miles is in excellent condition.

  In late 2006 we decided to sell one of our convertible TR8s, both were advertised and the gold one was sold within a week to John Olliff from Corby . The burgundy one remained for sale on our website until June 2007. We then taxed and MOTd it and decided to use it for a few shows. In August 2007 I received a phone call from Ray Roberts, the original owner of DWR 568W asking if it was still for sale. After a lot of thought I decided to let it go, the new owner has already booked it into the body shop to have the paintwork  re done. This car is now repainted and has been delivered to its new owner. In early 2009 Ray Roberts decided to sell his cars, we bought back DWR 568W and put it into our storage garage. Still as new but now with 6,900 miles on the clock we will be taking it to Billing in 2011. After a total restoration "THE" Coca Cola car is now back on the road, we will be using it regularly in 2012  and wil be  at Billing for the TR Drivers club national weekend. At the end of 2011 we sold our remaining Premium HEK 330V,  this was to make space to complete the rebuild of SJW 530S, the ex Tony Pond pace note car. I bought this car in September 1999 and stripped it shortly after. In the intervening years it has been pushed aside whilst other projects have been completed. Now it is well on its way and should be finished in time for  the genuine TR7 Sprint display at Billing  the first weekend of July 2013.