Triumph TR7's and 8's and the odd 6 thrown in for good measure.

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Chris Turner (our leader)

Chris and Sue Turner in the Coca Cola TR7 climbing the hill behind Grindon in the Peak District


Stuart Gawthorpe ( man of ideas)


I bought my TR6 around May 2004. The TR6 was always my second favourite car, my first being the Lamborghini Miura, unfortunately, way out of reach! So, as the Lamboí was never going to happen without a lottery win, I chose the TR.


I only had a few requirements, Iím not too choosey:

1. It had to be blue, just about everything I own is blue!

2. Not being a fan of wires, it had to have standard steel wheels.

3. Of course it had to be tax exempt!


I plumped for the second one I viewed (even though it had wire wheels!). A solid example, with tired paint and a tired interior. I paid a bit more than it was worth, but to be honest, I was Ďchomping at the bití and it was a case of my heart ruling my head.


Iíve made a few changes along the way. The wires were replaced for steel wheels as soon as possible with a full bare metal respray and a new hood being fitted. MX5 seats were added, in leather of course and I carried out the usual upgrades such as shockers/springs, Strombergs were changed for SU carburettors, but the spending hasnít stopped there! What with trips and shows including the Spa Classic, Stoneleigh, NEC visits, the obligatory ĎFish n Chipí run to Cleethorpes, weekend in Whitby, Classic car events such as Crooked Spire, Wortley, Newby Hall and Cannon Hall, itís never ending, but worth it!


Now my kids have grown, the TR is my baby now. Iím hoping to get a few more miles under the belt this year with The Crooked spire, Barlborough and Cleethorpes run and another visit to Billing and Gaydon along with squeezing in a few camping trips; Whitby, Ashbourne and North  Yorkshire and even more miles on the clock visiting Bakewell, Buxton, Thunderbridge and Glossop.


I no longer have my own garage, but Iím lucky enough to share a heated unit with a Mercedes saloon!


Thereís more work to be done. Both rear wings have been removed and being treated to a respray, the carbs have been tuned and Iím spoiling it with a new stereo (I somehow lost the last one!)


Iím hoping if I treat it well, itíll see me through a few more years yet!


Stuart and Pippa Gawthorpe on Beeley Moor in Derbyshire

John Whybrow

The picture below shows Johns totally original TR7 DHC which has never had more than regular servicing.  How rare is that?  The picture was taken in 2013 in a photo shoot for a classic car magazine.

Mike Dyson

Alan Hampshire

Pete Walker

Chris Bowns

Strawberries and cream don't get much yummier than Chris' TR2 seen here biding its time in the car park at our meeting venue in Ulley.

Chris Bowns, Chris Turner, Paul Bowns, Alan Hampshire, Brian Causer and Robert Turner helping to transport the trophies from Harrogate in 2011 where it would seem Chris amassed a terrific haul of silverware for the excellent restoration of his TR

Mike Roberts

Simon Shipside

Andy Rangecroft

Andy Rangecroft our resident man of action seen here on a recent sojourn in Canada.  Rumour has it the Skidoo was capable of 100mph.

Below is a picture showing the end product of doing a night event with Andy.  Prizes for guessing what make and model the car was!!

Note the battery seems to be still working as the lights are still on (very helpful whilst trying to find missing arms, legs and such like)

Nick Elliott

Tony Parkes

Tony's rolling restoration and retirement project, the TR6 that replaced his beloved TR7 DHC but this one is good fun too and it sounds a whole lot better too.

The background for this picture is a local fee paying school which will host one of the 2013 Crooked Spire Classic Runs.  Ooooh yummy!