Triumph TR7's and 8's and the odd 6 thrown in for good measure.

Chris Bowns Restoration Story

Having restored a TR2 in the 1970`s and had to sell it, due to it not being good transport for a wife and four children and the dog, yes even then the dog came everywhere. We did use it for a short time and I fondly remember counting all the kids in the car by counting  the lumps in the soft top, the were the days.  Neither of my wives liked the TR2 and so selling  it never became a choice for a man with high overheads.

In 2000 having survived the computer crash of the century change, I decided that after thirty years of regret, I would have another TR2 to restore myself. I found a very poorly  one in a Farm Yard and how the Kids laughed to see it in parts on a trailer when it arrived home.  They've had had their time now they were adults and the last years were going to be mine, without the regrets of a missing car. My original TR2 was sold into France and I could not find it, so starting again with an earlier "long door" two made some sort of sense  to  me.

Four years of restoration then followed which I found very enjoyable, there is no better feeling than working on a car only when you want to, and everything being where  it was left when you were last there.  As an Electrician, it was good to learn some welding and spraying skills, because even then money was still tight, shift work also fitted well into the rebuild time.

As a driver that really prefers to restore than drive, I needed another project and a TR4A fitted the bill, (its a TR2 with a fancy body) so the next three years were taken care of.  My TR4A was painted  bright yellow with a black interior, and you may have seen it at our summer meetings.

Now with only me and yes the dog (another dog but I can only restore cars unfortunately, or else it would be the same dog) . I asked him and he said I could have another Restoration ( so much more reasonable than wives).  So blowing the Kids inheritance I bought a 1954 Drophead XK120 restoration case, and yet again I am happy for a year or two. I just hope the dog still understands, when I need another one.